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We understand the different types of framing options can often become a little confusing. Below you will see in layman’s terms the different types of framing options and their uses. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

When you have selected a piece of Art, it is time to think about framing and the qualified staff at The Artist Workshop will help you select the framing to enhance the artwork. If you wish to match your home or office décor, woodwork or even match your fabric color, simply bring in samples and we will help you choose the style, size and color to best display your pieces.

We use only preservation quality mat boards, which mean we use a mat board either made from wood pulp or cotton fiber which are acid-free and approved by the Library of Congress for preservation framing. These mat boards will protect your artwork and resist fading. We have a large selection of wood and metal samples to fit any décor, Modern and Heritage. Once you choose a frame and type of glass, either regular clear, reflective control (non glare), conservation clear, conservation reflective control glass or Art Glass, we are ready to proceed with actually mounting your piece.

We have a wide selection of wood mouldings from Omega, Larson-Juhl and Michelangelo, as well as a selection of metals from Spectra Aluminum.  We will have something in your price range, you will only be limited by your imagination.

  • Conservation or Preservation Framing

Using only acid-free materials, UV Glass and mounting methods that will not damage or permanently change your artwork.

  • Shadow Box Framing

Frame your heirloom jewelry, sports memorabilia, award ribbons, war medals, team jerseys or even babys’ first pair of shoes, the possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

  • Diplomas and Certificates

You no longer have to settle for the standard or traditional certificate frame; why not draw attention to your success and choose a frame that reflects the value of your training

  • Needlework and Fabric Framing

We will frame anything from cross-stitch, needlepoint, and crochet work to heirloom cloths using the finest materials and modern mounting methods to best display the work.

  • Upgrading or Renovating

Why not update all your previously framed art work to improve the style and preservation quality to today’s standards.

  • Corporate Framing

We will frame your company’s retirement certificates, awards and fine art.

  • School Artwork

Add visual appeal to your child’s’ art and have it framed.

  • Weddings

Frame your invitation, vows, and signature photo and Shadow Box your floral arrangement, corsage, champagne glasses or any memento you choose to remember your special day.

  • Special Occasion or Milestone Anniversary

Are you celebrating a special occasion or a milestone year, we have suggestions to frame photos and congratulatory messages together.

  • Panoramic Photos

Turn your holiday memories into works of art.

  • Mirrors

We will frame any size mirror in any of custom mouldings.