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  • On Average how long does it take to complete a framing project? 

The normal turnaround time is 10 working days however we will work to your deadline.

  • What is a Picture Frame?

Picture frames are generally made of soft or hard wood as well as other materials such as aluminum or polystyrene. Picture frames come in various styles, textures and colors and some have elaborate mouldings, hence the term “frame moulding” used to describe the material that is cut, joined and assembled into a picture frame.

  • What is Matting?

Matting is the term used in the picture framing industry to describe the window-cut material placed around an image within a frame. Mats are available in a variety of colors and are generally 1/16 inch thick and can be cut to stack inside the frame allowing for “Double”, “Triple” or even “Quadruple” matting. The mat can even be carved to show the color of the mat’s core.

The term archival or conservation matting means that the mats have several important functions. The most important being that it separates the glass from the art or document which prevents condensation that can develop on the inside of the glass from causing water damage, mold or mildew. Photographs should also be separated from the glass as they can stick to wet glass and damage the surface of the photo. Other types of art such as pastel or chalk should also be separated from glass for the same reason.

Mats used in archival or conservation framing is made from acid-free or lignin-free paper meaning that the paper used does not contain acids or chemical substances which can break down and over time cause the document or artwork to turn yellow and become brittle.

  • What is Glazing?

Glazing is a general term used to describe the transparent material covering the artwork as a means of protection, such a glass. There are many variations including regular clear picture glass, anti-reflective (chemically coated to reduce reflection), non-glare (acid etched to help reduce glare), and conservation glass (specially formulated to help filter the damaging effects of UV light). There are also acrylic glazing products that are lighter in weight and come in the non-glare and UV filtering varieties. Glass is easier to clean and more scratch resistant than acrylic products.

  • Do you provide moulding and mount samples? 

Yes we do. We have a wide selection of moulding samples at our location at 16 Stavanger Drive. We invite you to drop by and view our selection, and feel free to bring your photo, artwork or item you wish to have framed along with you.

  • Do you provide hangers with frames

Yes we do. We provide all frames with the hardware hanging kit which includes: d rings (or appropriate hangers) screws and frame bumper pads.