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Russell Lynch

I was camping pretty much from the day I was born. My parents always talked about how they had a homemade trailer with a crib that my father made. Growing up traveling around this rugged and beautiful island is probably one of the biggest things that got me started on my photography journey. The things we seen and done I will never forget; heading down little side roads not knowing where they would take us or what we would see was one of the most exciting things. Those days are the ones I will always remember and some of the most exciting stories I now share now with my daughters.
Being young when we had our first daughter we never had money to purchase a professional camera, so on the day my 2nd daughter was born, 16 years later, I looked at my wife and said, “honey, I would like to have a good camera so I can get some amazing pictures our little girl as she grows up.”
Now that we are older and both of us have our lives in order, we have set out and started our own memories. We now travel this Rock of ours exploring all the old nooks and crannies I did as a child plus new ones I have never ventured down before. The big thing this time is I have a new passion I take with me! Photography has taking a new meaning in my life and is there to take all those old places and new memories to a new level.
My goal in life now is complete, I mean what else would you want?  I have an amazing, beautiful wife (who has pushed me every early morning to get out of the bed), 2 beautiful daughters and a passion so great for photography that I want to share with the world how I see the raw beauty of this amazing Rock we call Newfoundland.