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Ed Roche

“True to the spirit of the season, we can hardly think of a Christmas without gifts. When I think back in my memories of various holiday gatherings, the one thing that stands out in my memory is my wife’s Uncle Don and his generosity at Christmas time. He spent most of his life working away from his home and family and rest assured he would arrive every Christmas with an armload of gifts for all of his nieces and nephews.

This is a tribute to a man that exemplifies the true spirit of giving. It wasn’t about the gift so much as it was the excitement and joy that came from giving something to another that would light up their face with the joy of receiving a special something. It was all about the love that was being exchanged, for I believe that is the truth behind the season. It was then I realized that it is the gifts from the heart that are most cherished. ”

For more than 25 years, Ed has been creating stunning portraits of island life in his home province. He considers St. John’s his home and Newfoundland is his backyard. He regularly roams the shorelines and ventures into all the island’s nooks and crannies finding inspiration for his paintings.

Ed was born and raised in Middle Cove, a small picturesque town located about 5 minutes from the capital city of St. John’s, NL. His paintings have appeared in galleries in several provinces and he has been the subject of various articles and television programs across Canada.

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